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Comfort Zones October 29 2015, 73 Comments

A group of friends and I recently decided to shake things up a bit and do something completely outside of our normal routine. 
We decided to go here:

Except not as spectators.  Oh no, that would be too easy, too comfortable.
We went as participants.  As in, full on costumes, hair, make-up and handy tips from other volunteers on how to scare the crap out of people. 


The Irvin Haunted Ship had never had a group of volunteers like us before, but they couldn't have been more welcoming.  And the other teen aged volunteers were friendly and all around awesome.
We were all dead tired by the end of the night, but had so much fun that it got me to thinking about where else my comfort zones lie.
Definitely in my knitting.  I like fast, easy, no-gauge patterns.  I like to make things like the Bad Oyster shawl (seriously, so much so that I made three in a month). But, I've decided to shake that up a small bit.  I recently started a Vitamin D sweater.  This has been in my queue forever and I love the look.  I consider it dipping my toe into having to pay attention to a pattern and working on shaping in the garment.  I cannot completely follow the rules, though, and am knitting it with worsted weight yarn so there is some fine tuning, but it's turning out exactly as I'd hoped.

When I feel the need to take a break and rest my brain, it's back to socks, shawls, hats and cowls galore!  I get so many of those projects off my list when I'm procrastinating on something else. :-)
My target end date is Thanksgiving, and I know this will lead to more outside of the comfort zone projects - I'd love to hear your recommendations!



Color Trends That Prince Would Approve Of September 24 2014, 20 Comments

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Crisp air, crunchy leaves, and the colors - oh, the colors! 
We've taken a look at color trends and have a handy guide for you on pairing colorways.  It's like a Venn diagram of colorways that alone are fabulous, but when put next to each other will have you hearing the opening bars of Prince's "1999".  They are that awesome.
First up is our fall rainbow collection...

Nightcap   Guinness   Lucky Penny

Nightcap, Guinness and Lucky Penny are all part of our fall rainbow.  These colors are deep and rich with regal warm tones, and go together without looking too bright or Halloween-y.

   Super Heroes Shawl

Want some variegation with these semi-tonals?  Try Fireside Chat or Halcyon.  Another semi-tonal?  Alpine Spruce, Cognac, Doge's Palace or Eavan.


Next up is Dorian Gray, Grand Canal and George Bailey:


These colorways are perfect for a striped knitting or crocheting project.  All are fairly neutral and the colors don't compete with each other.  A nice color pop with these would be Brigitta or Enna, and Kathmandu, Globe Trekker, or Piazza del San Marco are complimentary variegates.


     Chrysanthemum Vest


Last, but not least are the cooler pastels.  The colors that make you think of fall turning the corner into winter, or when you need a reminder of the spring season to come.


 Heathered Lilac, Mimsy and Aileen

      Snowcloud Hat

Want to make these tones pop in a project?  Try pairing them with Driftwood or Doge's Palace.  Variegates that play nicely are Lucerne, Titiania and Wendy Darling.


It's time for awesomeness and unexpected color pairings.  Prince, and all of your family and friends are waiting for you to have that "1999" moment - seize it!








I went to Stitches, and all I got was... August 06 2014, 22 Comments

Hello from the land of Stitches Midwest!

Erin and I have been working on and planning for this for a long time.  We left early yesterday morning with snacks, 80s music trivia and a van loaded to the ceiling with all things yarn.


After driving for seven hours, we arrived at our destination with a few less snacks, a wealth of 80s music trivia facts and a van loaded to the ceiling with all things yarn.

Once we got here, we decided to walk around and check out the convention center.


As you can see, Stitches was ready to welcome us with open arms.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, there was also someone else ready to be welcomed with open arms...

It is my most profound pleasure to introduce another Irish girl - Adriana Rose McFarland, born at 9:45 this morning.

She came into the world a few weeks early, but we don't mind at all.  Momma, Pops and baby are all doing well.  We'd like to thank everyone at Northwest Community Hospital for taking care of them and send lots of well wishes to Erin, Alberto and little baby A!

We'll be working on a blanket for Adriana at our Stitches booth (#901) - stop on by and add a few stitches if you can!

Agh! It's June Already! June 01 2014, 50 Comments

This has been a whirlwind weekend (really, when isn't it a weekend a rapid, rollicking time?).  There were grad parties to attend, chores to do, gardens to plant when it wasn't pouring rain, errands to run, kiddos to help with last week of school homework, and my daughter's year end immigration day to prepare for.  She's showcasing her French heritage, so that meant finding a costume and baking some Gougeres.  Those little buggers are delicious, but time consuming.  It doesn't help that my inner Martha Stewart likes to rear her ugly head in situations like these.  However, my girl is really excited to bring them to school, so spending some quality time with her to make them was totally worth it.

There's also a little mid-June festivity Three Irish Girls have been preparing for.  Stephen West, Steven Berg and a party at the studio - woot, woot!

More about that here:

We cannot wait to host Steven and Stephen - it's going to be so much fun! 

Here's a little peek of Sin City knit up:

 I really like how it's turning out.  I'm just getting to some good stockinette and can't wait to see how that looks.

I'm looking into another knitting project once the crazy awesomeness of Steven and Stephen dies down.  I'm thinking it's time I made something for a couple of excited somebodies who can pull off daring fashion:

Don't they look edge of their seats excited?  I'm sure they will barely be able to contain themselves with a few of these:


Mind you, these cats already have fashionable hats covered:








Don't Stop Beweaving April 04 2014, 15 Comments

A few years ago I happened upon a sale being held by the Duluth Area Fiber Guild.  If you ever have a chance to attend a sale with the words 'fiber' and 'guild' in it run, don't walk - in fact hop on a high speed train and zoom there.

While I was there, I saw a ton of awesome yarn and fiber, met some incredibly knowledgeable people and then happened upon this:

I tell you, it was love at first sight.  I wasn't even sure what it was exactly, but I knew I needed it as much as it needed me. 

After learning a little more about it (Structo Artcraft loom, 1920s vintage, all wood and metal), I was sure it was fate that brought me to that sale.

So, I bought it and lugged it home.  My kids and husband were immediately as enamored with it as I was (no, really).  We all took turns trying it out, and my oldest son and daughter made some pretty sweet bookmarks. The only problem was that I was never brave enough to attempt to change the warp. 

I mean, look at it.  It kind of looks like a mid-century torture device, not an amazing machine with which I can craft my own fabric.  It still doesn't fail to amaze me that I CAN MAKE MY OWN FABRIC!!!  Anyway, back to being a chicken about changing the warp.  I totally was and still am.

Sarah to the rescue!!

Sarah knows things.  She can craft with a capital C.  She has a fantastic sense of humor and great taste in yarn.  She is going to be my partner in crime for The Great Beweaving of 2014.

We've narrowed down our choices for warp and weft, and are down to three:

From left to right: High Seas, Halcyon and Luau

We're also thinking of warping with Deep Blue Sea and wefting with Lysander or Mojito (I love the thought of weaving two different colorways together to make something new and completely awesome!).

So, take a deep breath, send a few encouraging thoughts our way, and stay tuned...