Color Trends That Prince Would Approve Of September 24 2014, 5 Comments

Fall is my favorite time of year.  Crisp air, crunchy leaves, and the colors - oh, the colors! 
We've taken a look at color trends and have a handy guide for you on pairing colorways.  It's like a Venn diagram of colorways that alone are fabulous, but when put next to each other will have you hearing the opening bars of Prince's "1999".  They are that awesome.
First up is our fall rainbow collection...

Nightcap   Guinness   Lucky Penny

Nightcap, Guinness and Lucky Penny are all part of our fall rainbow.  These colors are deep and rich with regal warm tones, and go together without looking too bright or Halloween-y.

   Super Heroes Shawl

Want some variegation with these semi-tonals?  Try Fireside Chat or Halcyon.  Another semi-tonal?  Alpine Spruce, Cognac, Doge's Palace or Eavan.


Next up is Dorian Gray, Grand Canal and George Bailey:


These colorways are perfect for a striped knitting or crocheting project.  All are fairly neutral and the colors don't compete with each other.  A nice color pop with these would be Brigitta or Enna, and Kathmandu, Globe Trekker, or Piazza del San Marco are complimentary variegates.


     Chrysanthemum Vest


Last, but not least are the cooler pastels.  The colors that make you think of fall turning the corner into winter, or when you need a reminder of the spring season to come.


 Heathered Lilac, Mimsy and Aileen

      Snowcloud Hat

Want to make these tones pop in a project?  Try pairing them with Driftwood or Doge's Palace.  Variegates that play nicely are Lucerne, Titiania and Wendy Darling.


It's time for awesomeness and unexpected color pairings.  Prince, and all of your family and friends are waiting for you to have that "1999" moment - seize it!