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Positive Thinking Kit: Love Is Love Palette



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This gorgeous pattern Positive Thinking Shawl by Lisa Ross of Paper Daisy Creations shows off Three Irish Girls Love Is Love Palette of playful tones that spans the colors of the rainbow.

Pattern description:

When times are tough, I find it useful to turn to the power of Positive Thinking. It’s a chance to focus on the good and shift your mindset to expect beneficial results. This brightly colored shawl is intended to do just that!

Beginning with just a few stitches and working its way outward into a sweeping triangular shawl, you can’t help but smile at the relaxing rhythm of garter stitch and the shifting color changes. The rainbow mini-skeins alternate with a single MC to create a simple mosaic pattern filled with ‘positive’ plus signs throughout the body of the shawl. A rainbow band sweeps across the outer edge, highlighting a striking band of of happy colors to finish the look. Choose 10 colors you love or your favorite kit of minis, but be sure to soak in the transformative power of Positive Thinking.

It uses Three Irish Girls custom base:  Adorn Luxe: Fingering  85% Merino and 15% Nylon

Each Mini is 20 gms- 86 yards

Full Skein is 100gm: 430 Yards