Sample- Dawn Treader Socks – Three Irish Girls Yarn Inc

Sample- Dawn Treader Socks


Knit from the cuff down with an interesting chevron wave stitch, these socks are suitable for either gender. The easily memorized stitch pattern creates a beautiful finished project without excessive row counting or complicated charts.

Knit from the cuff down with one skein of Adorn Sport.

Adorn Sport is available for supplements Trunk Show Order

Errata: Update to chevron wave stitch - K2tog, k1, K into the back, front and back of next stitch, essentially adding two stitches, K1, SSK.   What this does is decrease 2 stitches with the K2tog and SSK and add two stitches with knitting in the back, front, back of 1 stitch which keeps the stitch count the same. There is no knitting below the stitch.

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