WS- Dawn Treader Socks – Three Irish Girls Yarn Inc

WS- Dawn Treader Socks


Knit from the cuff down with an interesting chevron wave stitch, these socks are suitable for either gender. The easily memorized stitch pattern creates a beautiful finished project without excessive row counting or complicated charts.

Knit from the cuff down with one skein of Adorn Sock yarn.

Errata: Update to chevron wave stitch - K2tog, k1, K into the back, front and back of next stitch, essentially adding two stitches, K1, SSK.   What this does is decrease 2 stitches with the K2tog and SSK and add two stitches with knitting in the back, front, back of 1 stitch which keeps the stitch count the same. There is no knitting below the stitch.

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Pattern: $5.95 and is available on website and Ravelry